Vape Lingo

There are many terms that are unique to the E-Cigarette community. Compiled below are terms commonly used in E-cig forums and amongst E-cig users.

Adapter – Attachments that can be used in order to us cartomizers (or atomizers) that were designed for one type of battery on a different type of battery. For instance, an adapter would be needed to use a KR808 Cartomizer with a 510 battery.

Analog – Traditional cigarette. Tobacco cigarette.

Atty – Atomizer (the heating element)

Automatic Battery – Battery that employs an electronic airflow sensor to automatically activate upon inhalation. This means the device turns on when you breath in on the cartridge/mouthpiece. This model looks the most similar to traditional cigarettes in design.

Battery – Located at the end of the device, opposite the cartridge, this is a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to power the atomizer. At the end of the battery is an LED that lights up when the device is being operated. This is the longest part of the e-cig. It is attached to the atomizer but can be detached for charging and replacement.

Batt – Abbreviation for Battery

Cart/Carto – Cartridge or Cartomizer

Cartomizer – This is a combination atomizer/cartridge that are used with two-piece models.

Cutoff – This refers to how long the battery will activate the atomizer before automatically shutting itself down.

DIY – Do it yourself (homemade e-liquid mix)

Draw – See pull

Dripping – Vaping by adding a few drops of e-liquid directly on the atomizer instead of the cartridge.

E-Cig or E-cigarette – Electronic Cigarette

E-juice, juice – Liquid nicotine that is used to fill cartridges/cartomizers.

ECA – Electronic Cigarette Association

Filler – The fiber inside of your cartridge/cartomizer that holds your e-liquid.

Flooding – flooding occurs when the cartomizer is filled with too much e-liquid. The Atomizer requires a mixture of air heat and fluid to vaporize the fluid and when there is too much fluid the air flow is stifled.

Leaking – A side-effect of dripping. When too much e-liquid is on the atomizer it can leak into the battery and impair it.

Manual Battery A PV battery which heats an atomizer or cartomizer when the user presses a button/flips a switch/etc, as opposed to an automatic battery, which is activated by the user inhaling.

Mod – Homemade or Modified. This is referring to custom built personal vaporizers. Some of these are powered by standard batteries.

Pacifier mode/Heavy vaping This is the e-cigs version of chain smoking. Continuous use of your PV.

Pass-thru An e-cigarette/personal vaporizer which uses an external power source instead of a battery–usually a USB port or adapter.

PCC – Personal Charging Case. Carry case built with a charging

PG – Propylene Glycol. This is the vapor producing agent. PG is also a common food additive.

PGA – Pure Grain Alcohol. Such as Everclear. Often used to clean flavors out of cartridges/cartomizers.

Primer Puff -Taking a quick inhale/exhale on the e-cig in order to engage the atomizer.

PT – Passthrough/Passthrough battery

Pull – The act of sucking on the mouthpiece in order to pull vapor into your mouth

PV – Personal Vaporizer

Starter Kit – a kit containing all the necessary components to use the e-cig device. It contains all the necessary parts of the e-cig itself, as well as charger, e-liquid, and replacement parts.

TH – Throat Hit. This is the tingling sensation in the back of your throat.

Topping off – Adding drops of e-liquid to your current cartridge/cartomizer.

Vape, Vaping – As one would “smoke” or be “smoking” a traditional cigarette. E-cig users are “vaping” or “vape” an e-cigarette.

Vapor – The “smoke” that is emitted from an e-cigarette.

VG – An alternative type of vapor producing agent.

    • JC
    • April 20th, 2010

    Being a rather newbie this was very helpful

    • michelle
    • April 22nd, 2010

    I wrote a letter, i just received mine today and I got the 1high dose mg and felt the headache ect… I read in the blog and discovered I was on to high of a dose, so I wrote them tonight and asked if i could swap my fluid 30 ml out for like a 24 mg one i smoked 1.5 but I love to Vape!! just like I loved to smoke so, I hope they well, and I like the Menthol better. Were I used to smoker non menthol I tried Menthol and love it , my neighbor had menthol mmmmmmmmm it was yummy. So I ordered on my first order the 30 ml fluid and a extra box of cart’s. so I am hoping I can swap them out? because it is making me nausea bummer right I threw all my smokes out…… GOOD NEWS, I think I already sold 2 kits already so i asked if they have reps or incentive programs for people that have time on there hands like me ( I was a RN for 10 years) but now got the time and I know a bunch of folks around this rural area that I could get to buy this LOVELY product. Some that have health problems that don’t want to quit smoking this is a great alternative for , so I asked if they have a catalog and a demo kit like with blanks or whatever they wanted and I bet I sure could make them some money here. and save some life’s in the process its a WIN WIN situation. I have always been good with people IE RN, and with my medical background it sure would help, and I believe in this product. Michelle from Michigan……..

    • michelle
    • April 22nd, 2010

    One thing I wanted to add…. I just lost my first cousin 56 years old last week to lung CA…. it really scared me, Thank you V4L for a new way to smoke without carbon monoxide and the thousands of carcinogenic that are in the analog’s that took her at such a young age, if it was not for ego friendly companies like yours, I could of ended up the same. That is why I am so much behind your product it is so good on so many levels. Its ego friendly, and there is no second hand smoke for children or the sick to be around, it saves your home’s integrity. It’s just a awesome product, also My friend spend 400.00 dollars until she found yours and she will never buy any other and neither will I….. % stars….***** Michelle Michigan. I also can say I could list from the brain, to the feet, on how this product imporves the quility of health compared to analog’s
    1. you get more comsumtion of oxygen in your system which effects the ability for the entire system of your body to function at a much higher capacity / than when analog the carbon monoxide attaches to the red blood cells and prevents the ablity for oxygen to attach and effects every part of our bodyies system form our head to your toes. AND THATS JUST ONE EXPAMPLE OF MANY I COULD LIST.

    • Janae
    • May 11th, 2010

    hey! just wondering if you could actually explain the difference between a VG cart and regular cart, i see it says an “alternative type of vapor producing agent” but what does that mean exactly, different ingredients? thanks..

    • Hey there, The regular cartomizer/juice uses Propylene Glycol (PG) as the vapor producing agent. The VG carts/juice contain Vegetable Glycerin as the vapor producing agent. So yes, it is just a different base ingredient. Some people are sensitive or allergic to PG, so now we also offer VG. Hope this helps.

        • Janae
        • May 13th, 2010

        thanks for the clarification, the only reason is that people are allergic? does it taste different? thanks again


      • It has a slightly different taste than PG. The reason we stock it is to offer an alternative to people that are allergic/sensitive to PG though.

    • adriann rozier
    • June 14th, 2010

    for any skeptics,beleive me vapor 4 life is the best after 2 wks. of having vapor 4 life ive only had 3 ciggaretts thanks vapor4life

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